Ink and electrons—a dynamic duo for all your design needs.

If you’ve ordered beer delivery from your phone, booked a vacation rental online or investigated your genetics at home, chances are you’ve seen my work. From leading large teams to individual logo creation, in 20+ years of design I’ve done just about everything. So whatever your need, it’s easy to get in touch


Two ways of working


I have a Marketing degree from Notre Dame and an MFA from the University of Washington. Does that mean I’ll talk your ear off about college football and coffee? Yes. But it also means I understand business problems, and I solve them in a visual way.

Most recently you’ll find me working in senior design roles, whether on staff or with clients. So if you’re in need of a full-time Creative Director, great! I do that. But if you’re a small business or a startup who can’t afford a full time designer, that’s ok too. I can help. And if you’re a medium-sized business who doesn’t need a full time designer, or a large business with a specialty need, fantastic. There’s a way for us to work together.


Timm Fair Dot Com functions as a full service design agency for larger endeavors. We work closely with our clients to define, design and develop innovative solutions across all platforms and brand’s touchpoints.

Basically, we work off the Avengers model. If you have a giant project (like saving humanity), it’s all hands on deck- Iron Man, Captain America, the works—only their roles are filled by a network of trusted web developers, UX designers, illustrators, copywriters, etc.

Less complex projects may only be me and Thor—I hear he’s a mean coder—but rest assured, no matter what your need is, I can assemble the team to meet it. 



Home Base

Jamaica Plain, MA




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Capabilities and Services

We won’t belabor the Avengers metaphor, but this is all the stuff we do for our clients.

Creative Consulting

Guidance and advice on branding, marketing strategy, and other creative projects, as well as helping clients define their visual identity and messaging.

Branding and Identity Design

Designing logos, business cards, letterheads, and other materials that help to create a brand image.

Print Design

Designing printed materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, billboards, and other marketing collateral.

Web and Digital Design

Designing websites, mobile apps, social media graphics, email templates, and other digital materials.

Illustration and Icon Design

Creating custom illustrations and icons for various purposes, such as infographics, websites, and branding materials.

Motion Graphics and Video Design

Creating animated graphics, explainer videos, and other motion-based materials for web or broadcast purposes.

UX/UI Design

Designing user interfaces for websites and mobile apps, including wireframes, prototypes, and other interactive design elements.

Photography and Videography

Capturing photos and videos for use in marketing materials, social media, websites, and other digital channels.

Copywriting and Content Creation

Developing compelling copy and content for marketing materials, websites, social media, and other digital channels.